Kachna – Fastest Growing Area Of The Fastest Growing Capital

Kachna – Fastest Growing Area Of The Fastest Growing Capital

Kachna, the real estate mecca of Raipur has earned the attention of many real estate investors and dealers with them pumping in millions and millions of rupees in the Kachna real estate market. The place has earned an amazing amount of reputation and has become a hub for many of the big builders of the country. But why are the reasons that have made Kachna the hotbed for real estate activities?

Let’s take a look at Kachna and find out

1) Place of historical significance: We all know about the historical importance of Raipur. Indeed, Kachna has a great role to play in establishing Raipur as a city of historical importance and shares a lot of historical and archaeological artifacts with Raipur. Thus, Kachna is historically very significant to Raipur. Kachna has always had a part to play in telling the stories of history through its monuments and sculptures.

2) Effects of Modernisation and Globalisation: Kachna has undergone a seismic change from the industrialization and globalization point of view. The paradigm shift can be seen everywhere in Kachna and it is now home to some of the most modern amenities and facilities. It is historical, it has all the effects of globalization and it is completely modernized, thus making it one of the most modern areas of Raipur, thus grabbing a lot of attention from investors and real estate builders looking to capture the changing scene of Kachna area through their projects like TheParkSyde. Kachna has become the main marketplace for Raipur and it is impossible to think of Raipur without Kachna.

3) Population and Working Capital: Kachna has a very less population density but has a much larger amount of money inflow and working population, thus contributing to a very high per capita income and making Kachna a great place to live in with a very high standard of living. Since the majority of its population is working, the average age of its population is considerably less, making it an ideal settlement for families. It had also become a hotbed of investment for various companies looking to capture this working population such as food joints, clothing lines etc. Kachna is also home to many corporate areas and companies as well, thus making it the top spot to visit in Raipur.

4) Transportation and Governmental Services: Transportation Services have developed to a high extent in Kachna. Since it is the hub of Raipur, it is very well connected with bus and autos. With an extensive transportation service along with governmental services and quick maintenance work, Kachna is indeed a great place to reside in and enjoy the serenity of Raipur.

5) Efficient basic amenities like 24*7 electricity and water: Water and electricity are two of the most important indicators of a good residential area and luckily Kachna excels in both of them. It has 24*7 supply of electricity and clean water is always available for its residents, thus making it a suitable to settle in. This has made Kachna a major investment center for builders of housing societies. Kachna’s proximity to all the important places such as railway station, bus stand, main market, mandi etc. have seen the population of this region raise manifolds in the past 5-7 years. It will be foolish to ignore Kachna as a potential investment point in Raipur for these reasons.

Kachna has seen significant changes in the past few years. It has seen its popularity rise among the young people and more and more people are now choosing Kachna as their permanent residence. Kachna for that reason has become a hotbed for real estate activities and property dealings. Kachna is home to a big amount of capital inflow because of the nearby steel mines. These steel mines are marketed through a complex network, whose center is Kachna. Thus, Kachna’s corporate and monetary value increases to a great extent due to this.

Furthermore, Kachna is constantly developing and new services continue to come, with the government investing in even better services and products, thus paving way for the great amount of scope and opportunities that should be arising in Kachna. Indeed, Kachna is growing and is expected to break a lot of records. Choose Kachna and be a part of this booming and prosperous region.


Irfan Siddiqui

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