Why Is Raipur The Real Estate Capital of India?

Why Is Raipur The Real Estate Capital of India?

Real Estate Capital of India – Raipur, the capital of the Chhattisgarh has been in the power list of attention for only two decades but in that particular time, the city has earned quite a good reputation in terms of real estate and development. The city is slowly but surely becoming a hub to many of the big builders of India and is grabbing a lot of attention from real estate buyers as well. This resurgence has caused a massive shift of the real estate potential on to the lands of Raipur. It is now well and truly seen as an investment hub and rightfully so. Not just the monetary regime, it can also be deemed as a land of opportunities for those looking to invest in some credible real estate locations.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this is happening:

1) Geographical Importance: The geographical location of Raipur is indeed one of the reasons why it has become the real estate capital of India. It is a significant city of the nation because of the fact that the land north to the city seamlessly merges with the prestigious Mahanadi River (the river duly flows in the South-East direction) and the Chhota Plateau area.

With both industrial and environmental serenity combined in this city, Raipur attracts a lot of residents from neighbouring states and cities. Plus, the city’s located near the centre of the country, thus making it equally accessible from all parts of the country. Moreover, ports like Kolkata and Bhubaneshwar are just close enough to catalyse the industrial pace of the city.

2) Historical Context: This is an important point in context of the relative popularity of the city and its name amongst tourists and foreign countries. Raipur, the city is one of the foremost names on the list of places which are rich in historical context. Moreover, there’s also a district in Raipur which is the city’s namesake, which was allegedly known to be ruled by the dreaded Maurya Kingdom in the past. In earlier years, the throne of the Kalchuri kings of the Haihaya Dynasty was also set at Raichur (now known as Raipur).

Furthermore, the Satwahana kings exercised their rule over Raipur approximately between the 2nd and 3rd centuries. Today, one can see for themselves the proof of a great ancestral line in the ruins of the ancient sites in the southern part of Raipur. This attracts a huge amount of tourists from all across India and abroad. With the ‘Heart of India’ called Madhya Pradesh, already in vicinity to Chhattisgarh and a part of Chhattisgarh till the 1980s, also provides a great historical relation and attracts many more tourists from Madhya Pradesh to Chhattisgarh.

3) Gradual Moulding: With modernisation and globalisation already in effect in Raipur, the city is slowly transforming itself into a great modern city with amazing facilities that are far better maintained than any other metro city of India.

4) Maintenance of Infrastructure: Infrastructure is everywhere, but there’s no value to it if no one is actually maintaining it. One of the key reasons why Raipur is increasingly becoming popular is that the government has laid out amazing plans for maintenance of city infrastructure, thus increasing the physical and monetary value of the city.

5) Transport Connectivity: The transport system of Raipur is very well maintained with efficient systems and networks to allow the residents to travel with ease and comfort yet, paying the normal cost. The transport services of Raipur have gotten increasingly better with outsourcing of the responsibilities to private companies, in order to provide better services to people.

6) Planning and Area: The city is very well planned and the government hasn’t allowed the people to take up unnecessary space and cover extra lands without permission. The adverse effects of not having such a policy can be seen in Delhi, which is not planned correctly due to the poor working of DDA.

Plus, Raipur is spread across 13,083 km2 when compared to Delhi’s area of 1,484 km2; clearly, Raipur comes up trumps here as well. Also, with a lot of area still empty and waiting to be transformed into magical buildings, the scope of real estate in Raipur is far more than the current standings.

7) Low Population Density and Effective Working Regime: Real estate cannot work properly in a profitable manner in a city which is overcrowded by default. Simple rules of economics; for more demand and less supply, the price goes high. Excessive prices are the reason why Delhi and Mumbai are so expensive in terms of property. But that isn’t really the case with Raipur.

Raipur’s low population density of 230 people/km2 allows people to live freely incurring rents and costs much lower than other metro cities. Thus, Raipur allows the families to save money as well, while it allows the companies and the government to take up adequate profit. Moreover, low population ensures good security and less crime rate.

8) Industrial Factors and Capital inflow: With so many industries and important steel mines located in the vicinity of Raipur, the city is increasingly becoming a hub of marketing and corporate management. With a lot of capital inflow into the city due to production of large amounts of important industrial products, the city has become a key area for dealers and businessmen, thus promoting the city’s monetary value.

With an amazing vibe that the city radiates, combined with the industrial and economic benefits thrown into the mix together with the serene history and urbane methodology of the infrastructure; covered with its geographical location and popularity along with its scope of a far brighter future, everything just falls into place and gives rise to the argument – ‘Raipur: The real estate capital of India’.


Irfan Siddiqui

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